Waiter’s Hourglass


Waiter’s Hourglass is inspired by my years of working in the service industry. As of the last census Canada has more artists than auto workers, and many of us seek paying work as servers and bartenders to subsidize our practices and provide us with flexibility. While I was a waitress I would often find myself engaged in menial tasks, watching the hours drain away, wishing I was instead in my studio doing work for myself. “Waiter’s Hourglass” is an ode to this experience, illustrated by the materials of the trade – two ketchup bottles.

Waiter’s Hourglass, was featured in the Spring/Summer issue of ARTWINDSOR. If you can’t get your hands on a copy, you can download a PDF version of artmeal.

Waiter’s Hourglass was also part of the Biennial Emerging Artists Exhibition – Uncooperative at Forest City Gallery.

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