ÖDE, Levy Gallery at Moore College, Philadelphia, 2003.

ÖDE is a company that designs, markets and produces economically affordable weapons using inexpensive materials. The weapons can be purchased in one of seven seasonal colours and assembled using an allan key.  ÖDE, a Swedish word for both ‘waste’ and fate’, is an installation I created in May 2001. The centre-piece of the exhibition is a life-sized military tank, which is accompanied by a catalogue, a website, and an interactive CD. ÖDE uses the language of advertising to connect with a wide variety of people, and has been exhibited in galleries, museums and on the driveways of homes.


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4 thoughts on “ÖDE

  1. […] am more than a little excited to announce that the ÖDE tank will be moving to its new home in Calgary this summer at The Military […]

  2. […] The second exhibit is ÖDE, by artist Sarah Beck, and is the subject of this post by Laura Brandon, historian and former curator at the Canadian War Museum. (ÖDE is pictured here.) […]

  3. […] the pleasure of speaking with Doug Dirks from CBC’s Homestretch about the inspiration behind ÖDE, and you can hear it […]

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