MOTHER – 2008

MOTHER, (an acronym; Make Overs To Heal Economic Rifts) is an installation that delves into the media savvy fashion world, subtlely exposing the abhorrent working conditions of the world’s garment industry. Branded towards teens and tweens, MOTHER invites them to consider purchasing makeovers for garment workers their age in other countries. MOTHER’s makeover wear is a combination of clothing fashioned with “work enhancement” devices and care kits. Clothing that on the surface is trendy and seemingly culturally appropriate, yet layered within the garments are the devices that help keep the worker working.  Details and labels point to the history and poor conditions these workers face. The kits contain items which include makeup, jewelry, catheters, compacts, gloves, fans, thimbles, and other accessories. They are the apparel that makes the job easier, more bearable and spices up the work place, an irony that speaks to our human ability to exploit yet also cope in dismal conditions.

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