Shady Bales

Bullshift (aka Shift de nuit) – Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, 2011

In the misty, balmy, cedar-lined hills of Beirut, Geneviève and Sarah first met. The two were competing individually in their respective fields at the 2009 VIème Francophonie Games in Lebanon. Within months the two were reunited at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games as part of the Cultural Olympiad. Working side by side at these major events a bond was developed over mutual passion for artistic practice. Taking a risk, Geneviève relocated to Toronto to pursue a collaboration with Sarah. Bringing together individual concerns, mediums and styles, the pair ventured into new territory.

Working collectively under budget constraints expanded into examining the nature of labour and economics in the artworks themselves. They embraced wit, bilingualism and interaction to connect with audiences and discuss these themes.

As a new chapter begins for Geneviève and Sarah, they’ve named their collective Shady Bales to honor what they’ve learned and signify a commitment to their collective approach. From coast to coast, the bale collects the disparate grasses into this single emblem of hard work. The business of being shady is what is necessary to get the job done – whether it means night work, under the table exchange, bending the rules or wedging it all in between their multiple jobs.

Shady Bales is committed to making hay while the sun shines and taking risks to get the job done.

Malbourse – Franco-fête, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, 2011

Bullshift (aka Shift de nuit) – Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, Sudbury, 2011


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